The Indonesian Film Industry Suffering If You Don’t Repent Watching Piracy

Streaming illegal movies such as IndoXX1 and LK21 is difficult to eradicate if you still like to watch pirated films. Even though accessing this site or platform causes loss to national film actors. That is why a legal consultant is needed. According to the Chairman of the Indonesian Film Producers Association (APROFI) Edwin Nazir, film […]

Ketentuan Izin Tinggal Terbatas di Indonesia

Ingin kerja dan pindah ke Indonesia, tapi bingung harus mulai dari mana? Hal ini biasa dialami para TKI yang ingin berkarir di luar negeri. Tentunya penting untuk memahami regulasi di suatu negara, baik dalam izin kerja maupun izin terkait izin tinggal terbatas. Ketidaktahuan Anda dalam hal itu dapat menghambat upaya Anda untuk bekerja di negara […]

Various Institutions in Indonesia Invite the Public to Stop Pirating Films on the Internet and Social Media

Who has ever photographed or shot a film scene in a cinema and uploaded it to social media? If you’ve done these two things, then you’ve committed an act of film piracy. This action turned out to be very detrimental to film people, you know. The increasing number of piracy of Indonesian films and foreign […]

Indonesians Download 2.8 Billion Music Illegally Every Year

The Indonesian Recording Industry Association noted that the Indonesian music industry suffered losses of up to Rp. 8.4 trillion per year through free music download sites on the internet. General Manager Asiri Ventha Lesmana said that every year there are 2.8 billion songs that are downloaded by Indonesians through illegal sites. This is why legal […]