What opportunities can you get when you become a student at Coventry?

The fact that Coventry University is very popular with international students, here you can meet friends from various countries. Usually, they will gather at The Hub, a place to gather just for the porch or discuss the Coventry students’ favorite. There are also Health Sport facilities that will keep you healthy during your studies. Well, why do you have to have friends from various countries? The more friends you have, the more varied they will be, the more knowledge you will have. Your way of thinking is also growing and not only based on an “Indonesian” perspective. But also from various angles and also considerations.

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The Award 2015

In 2015, Coventry University was awarded the “Universit of the Year” by the Times Higher Education (THE) Awards. Some of the points that make Coventry win are their innovation and approach in every teaching and learning process to students. As a result, the knowledge gained by Coventry graduates is guaranteed to be relevant and in accordance with current market needs.

Coventry University is an LPDP Reference University

For LPDP scholarship fighters, especially those majoring in engineering, Coventry is an important option. They are ready to welcome and share knowledge with Indonesian students. Meet the Coventry University representative in person

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