The Indonesian Film Industry Suffering If You Don’t Repent Watching Piracy

Streaming illegal movies such as IndoXX1 and LK21 is difficult to eradicate if you still like to watch pirated films. Even though accessing this site or platform causes loss to national film actors. That is why a legal consultant is needed.

According to the Chairman of the Indonesian Film Producers Association (APROFI) Edwin Nazir, film piracy is a criminal act of theft committed by a syndicate. They just keep on doing film thefts for their own gain.

“The problem is this is difficult to eradicate if there is no public awareness that watching pirated films is a wrong act and violates the law. This needs to be given more vigorous education to the public,” said Edwin in an interview via telephone, Friday (15/1 / 2021).

The rise of film piracy and the large number of people watching pirated films is detrimental to film industry players. They do not get the income they are entitled to when a film is shown, which if it lasts for a long time can affect film production even though film production absorbs a lot of labor.

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It’s like falling down by a ladder

The current condition of the film industry players is like falling down by a ladder too. Much income has been lost due to film piracy activities and people who watch pirated films, now have to face the Covid-19 pandemic.

Edwin Nazir revealed that the film industry will only move for the first 2.5 months in 2020. After the cinema closed, film production was stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The impact is that 80% of revenue will be lost by 2020.

“Usually, cinema viewers per year reach 50 million people, in 2020 below 12 million people. This is a big decline. Usually there are 120 films in one year, now it’s very much reduced,” he explained.

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