Various Institutions in Indonesia Invite the Public to Stop Pirating Films on the Internet and Social Media

Who has ever photographed or shot a film scene in a cinema and uploaded it to social media? If you’ve done these two things, then you’ve committed an act of film piracy. This action turned out to be very detrimental to film people, you know.

The increasing number of piracy of Indonesian films and foreign films carried out on social media has made film stakeholders take this problem seriously. Finally, the Indonesian Film Producers Association (APROFI) in collaboration with the Motion Pictures Association (MPA), the Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF), Cinema XXI, CGV and Cinemaxx launched an anti-piracy campaign as a form of socialization on the importance of respecting intellectual property rights.

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This campaign is packaged in the form of advertisements that will be screened in cinemas all over Indonesia and on social media. The ad stars Vino G. Bastian, Fariz Alfarazi and Jessica Veranda, and is directed by Teguh Raharjo with voice over actress Marsha Timothy. The three actors and actresses who appeared were also appointed by APROFI as anti-piracy ambassadors.

It is hoped that through this campaign, the public will be aware and understand that pirating films in theaters will harm many parties.\

Since 2015, APROFI and MPA have reported 510 websites that violate copyright to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and have been blocked by the Ministry of Communication and Information. Unfortunately, after the blocking was carried out, the website was reopened with a new domain. Movie hijackers are no less clever!

To break this circle of piracy, it turns out that you have to do it yourself, you know. Therefore stop recording and shooting films in theaters only for temporary fame on social media or commercial interests. Be a wise viewer by enjoying movies in theaters and stop consuming pirated films on the internet. By stopping enjoying pirated films, it is hoped that pirated film producers will disappear.
To prevent something like this, be sure to register your company and follow company registration Indonesia, so your company could be defended by national law.

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