Indonesians Download 2.8 Billion Music Illegally Every Year

The Indonesian Recording Industry Association noted that the Indonesian music industry suffered losses of up to Rp. 8.4 trillion per year through free music download sites on the internet. General Manager Asiri Ventha Lesmana said that every year there are 2.8 billion songs that are downloaded by Indonesians through illegal sites. This is why legal consultant is needed

“This has an impact on huge losses for all parties involved in the music industry,” said Ventha in Jakarta, Thursday, October 12, 2017. Asiri, he said, oversees 80 recording industries in Indonesia. Of these, 77 are local producers and the rest are from outside Indonesia.

According to him, the government should block free music download sites, because it is detrimental to the country’s music industry. He said the Infringing Website List (IWL) program, which aims to reduce advertising and revenue from pirated sites, is very important.

With this program and legal consultant, he said, could reduce piracy sites and protect the copyright of music and film stakeholders in the country. So far, more than 300 sites for piracy, both music and movies, have been blocked.

There are 45 music piracy sites in total. It has recommended 84 piracy sites from the music industry to be blocked. It aims to reduce the level of copyright piracy in cyberspace.

“The best thing for the music industry is to listen to streaming on sites that already have official legality,” he said. “Because many are pirated, the profit coming in from the digital music industry is only 14 percent.”

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