Indonesia’s Traditional Snacks : Still Loved by New Generations

Indonesia is well known in the eyes of the world for its exotic natural beauty and the friendliness of its people. But not only that you know, Loyal Friend. It turns out that some Indonesian specialties, especially the snack box Jakarta on the market, are well known internationally.


    This green round cake topped with grated coconut is already worldwide, you know. The sweet taste of sugar that melts in the mouth not only attracts Indonesians but also people from abroad.

    Lapis legit cake

    Legit in Javanese means sweet. This cake, made with flour, egg yolk, sugar, and butter, is always available during Chinese New Year celebrations. That said, this cake represents sustenance.

    Putu Mayang

    This traditional cake is famous for its light color and curly shape. Putu Mayang is made from red sweet potatoes and is usually sprinkled with coconut milk, coconut sugar or grated coconut.


    This traditional snack from the Central Java region is made from cassava as the base ingredient. It’s tasty and sweet with a sprinkling of coconut on top.

    Bika Ambon

    Although there are Ambonese frills, this traditional snack box Jakarta  made from sago flour originates from Medan. This cake got the name Ambon from where it was first produced, namely at the junction of Jalan Ambon-Sei Kera, Medan.

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